PropFi is the Future of Real Estate - with its ground-breaking property portal that offers real estate agents and their clients an innovative, affordable and effective way to market, buy and sell property online.

The brainchild of PropFi.NZ Ltd co-founders Angie and Paul Zingel, was successfully launched during 2016 after more than two years of research and development. PropFi is a compelling inter-industry initiative that has propelled real estate into the world of buying and selling property online. It is a next generation online property market place designed to empower the real estate industry, vendors and buyers worldwide.

“Our focus is on introducing innovative technology to the real estate sector and inspiring real estate agents to embrace positive change that will benefit their industry globally.” provides agents with a sales tool to advertise and manage all their property listings in one place without the additional cost of a listing fee to their clients. “It is a logical progression in the way in which people buy and sell houses and from a compliance point of view it is really beneficial too.”

PropFi proudly boasts a world first accomplishment with its first live auction online on 2nd November 2016 of 14 Orchard Way Bethlehem, Tauranga in the beautiful Bay of Plenty region.  The revolutionary property portal’s unique feature is the ability for licensed real estate agents to act as auctioneers and call property auctions online in virtually the same way as traditional auctions. Now property can be auctioned in rooms, on site or online… it’s all about flexible marketing, freedom of choice and advancing with the times.

PropFi is proving to be a highly efficient sales tool that is providing greater potential for buying and selling property in New Zealand and internationally thanks to its wider reach and the convenience and cost-effectiveness afforded to agents, bidders and sellers alike.


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